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APC Solutions SA is offering expertise in spectroscopic analysis (OES, XRF, RAMAN) for the benefit of large and medium-sized companies. Founded as a public limited company in 2005, we have been active in the market of spectrometry since 1982.

Field of activity

Our field of activity is focused on spectrometric analysis (OES, XRF, Raman). Spectroscopic Analysis allows to determine the characteristics of material by different methods to deduce and analyze the molecular structures that make up this material.


We offer introduction training to spectrographic spectrometry analysis. Theoretical knowledge and practical exercise including sample preparation gives to the laboratory personnel an essential step to ensure precision and accuracy of measurements.


Manufacturers have long understood that cost management involves process optimization and careful manufacturing control. Today, the environment also has its rules that everyone has to control.

Our role

Our role, as an analytical service company, is not to sell spectrometer, but to propose our customer’s practical solutions in the field of analytical and manufacturing process.


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